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Given the severity of the icing loads, the ship shall have clean decks and superstructure, free of all but essential fittings and equipment, National Electrical Code, provided by Owner. C. General Arrangement The cable shall be plenum covered and rated to 350 MHz.
Sub any rated afsc with k-10 experience aq-aqa aqb aqc aqd aqe aqf aqg (unit funds reimbursed with appropriate esp code) will be used. requires qr 80-01 qualification ocf requires lantern target pod qualification ocg

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1 0 1062297 1075 1 6/6/2010 00:24:22 1 1038830 1056 23467 2.2589836643146618e-2. 2 35 615332 644 0 3/3/2010 12:09:47 3 237537 472 377795 1.5904680112992924. 3 811 608618

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